Redemption Album Art



Chris Hayers

Like a silhouette in shadows stands a lady of the night
Lights a cigarette and slowly steps into the pale moonlight
In a scarlet skirt and high-heels with her stockings pulled up high
She’s looking for redemption passing by

There’s a red-light in every hall
Draws the moth to the flame
Nobody sees the tears that fall
On the street with no shame

From a black sedan steps a well-dressed man strolling down the street
He doffs his hat to the alley cat when they ‘accidentally’ meet
She talks a while with a weary smile – turns off the red lamp
The same old line that makes it fine –
She’s a lady and he’s the tramp

On the corner there’s a nightclub playing music soft and low
So she takes his arm and leads him where all the street-girls go
Play with fire and you’re sure to get burned in the final embrace
Close your eyes, redemption lies in lipstick, liquor and lace
Lipstick ,liquor and lace
Lipstick, liquor and lace