Cinderella Midnight Coverart, Lucid Dreams - Chris Hayers

Cinderella Midnight

Chris Hayers

Lucid Dreams EP

  1. Cinderella Midnight

Cinderella Midnight

It was raining on the beach that day
Mist rolling out across the bay
Light was fading as I headed home
Gonna spend another night alone

Then I saw you standing there
Fallen angel with the windswept hair
Two strangers crying in the rain

I bought us coffee in a cheap café
We told our stories in our one-act play
Never noticed how the time had flown
Had to hurry for the last bus home

When I said goodnight to you
I kissed your cheek like a friend would do
And walked off dreaming in the rain

Dreaming in the moonlight
Cinderella Midnight
Fairy-tale that ends right for me

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